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I have always worked with passion without any interest in notoriety, I have worked with countless artists, for albums, shows, radio, and tv as a singer, composer, and audio engineer, due to the acceptance by the public and because music is something that I carry in my DNA I think it was inevitable that now I am working on my first album, which will be titled "Por Vicio", among my influences I would have to mix different musical genres like Rap, RnB, soul, country, flamenco, rock... but focusing on my genre would be named like DMX, Busta Rhymes, Wu-tang, Mary J. Blige, Kase o, Sfdk, Mexicano 777 among others, Although I think my greatest influence has been my own mother, both as an actress because of the great professionalism and passion with which I work and because of the teachings she gave me. In this new stage, I am going to give everything since i have all the creative freedom, it will be my essence, created by me, and I think that this is something of incalculable value. The illusion, the passion, and dedication towards what i love, I think is something that characterizes me and I am lucky to have the skills to connect quickly with people and with what I love, which is music and art.

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Bloody Night:

Group in which we mix urban music with Horror / Fantasy cinema. This group emerged from a party on a Halloween night, since then we have already released 3 chapters and we are working on the 4th and 5th. The group is made up of Michi on the Mic, Tsk, Chulo Delgado, Rozes, Rokeone, and Berrebe as singers, with Drama Theme productions, and with Sergio Steel Cora and Fear Grillz in charge of audiovisual production and post-production, Lilith’s mirror in the makeup/fx section and Caseilitos in design and logos Project in which we also work with all the illusion and energy, in Bloody Night each shoot is an unforgettable adventure. You can follow the news of Bloody Night on our social network profiles.

Album Por Vicio:

The first solo album as a singer, it will feature collaborations with artists from different genres, including an exclusive track by Bloody night, with representative artists from the NY urban scene. among them “Young Dirty Bastard” member of “Wu-tang Clan” and son of “Odb”, one of the most outstanding members of this group, high-quality productions, we are putting all the passion, illusion and time in this project, later we will be applying the information about collaborations and more, to keep up to date with new projects you can follow this and other of my works on social networks. Grateful for the great support I am receiving from collaborators and followers. Always grateful.

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